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Newsy Video

Hey everyone! In today’s blog I would like to bring to attention a story that came out a little over a month ago on the newsy website. Selena Gomez recently underwent a kidney transplant, with one of her closest friends, Francia Raisa being her donor. She stayed out of the spotlight for a few months to recover from her recent surgery. In 2015 Selena was diagnosed with lupus, a chronic illness in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue, causing inflammation and damage. This illness completely changed her life and no one knew what she was going through except her family and close friends. In my next story I would like to talk about this disease that not many people know about and how it affects people even though they look completely fine. I will also cover Selena’s life with lupus, and what it’s like for the singer now, after the surgery. This newsy video covers the topic great:


Hey everyone! The first Newsy story I read/listened to was called “A Year After Trump’s Win, More Women Are Running For Political Office.” This was written a day after our national voting day November 6 which called for many people to hit the polls and allow for their voices to be heard. The increase in women running for governmental office positions was definitely on the rise. Some people say that this could be a result of the Trump Presidency and because voting and protesting seem to be taking us nowhere.

The second story was called ‘Lion King ‘The Reimagining Of Pride Rock Goes Beyond Beyoncé.” Disney has finally announced a remake of “The Lion King” and Queen Bey is not the only shining star of the movie. The cast has more diverse actors of color in the main roles and the lineup is definitely talented.

The third story titled, “Netflix Is Giving ‘Stranger Things’ Its First Original After show.” A few days ago I binged season one of Stranger Things and became obsessed which is why this news story definitely called my attention.  It talks about Netflix releasing a companion show aside from the hit retro thriller Stranger Things that’s called “Beyond Stranger Things.” In this new show, producer and actor Jim Rash will offer behind the scenes stories, analysis and answers to “all the burning questions.”

Overall I really enjoyed the Newsy website I think it delivers its information and stories in a fun way and has a variety of topics for people with different interests.

Hyperlocal News

Hey everyone! Today I’m back to talk briefly about hyper local news. This type of news focuses mainly on what’s going on in a particular community. It’s usually relevant only to those who are familiar with the story. Because of their lack of popularity it is really difficult to make a living or enough money from ads on hyper local news. A hyper local news site I browsed on was the Columbia Journalism Review. This site by Columbia University has news that is currently trending, as well as political articles. The Neiman Lab is also another platform for news created by Harvard University. They cover local news as well as worldwide news. Hyper local news didn’t really excite me as much as just regular national news does. Local news is important for the residents in communities but won’t necessarily be beneficial to all.


Hey everyone! This photojournalism project actually sounds really exciting for me. When I was applying for high schools I applied to Blake High Schools magnet program for art and photography. For my portfolio I had to take some eye-catching photos and really enjoyed it. For a long time I’ve enjoyed just taking pictures of nature and exciting moments because one picture can reveal a lot. For this project Dr. Gaspar gave the example of taking photographs on Halloween which sparked an idea for me. On October 31st I would like to go out and capture not only Halloween costumes of kids and even adults, but I would also like to capture moments of terror. As horrible as that sounds I think it’d be cool to capture the moment a child reacts to a scary clown or the joy on their faces as they receive candy while trick or treating. I will also be going to Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream this weekend so I could maybe even capture some moments there.

Service Journalism

Hey everyone! After much thought I decided to choose a light topic to write a case study on Rihanna’s new cosmetic line, “Fenty Beauty.” This new line came out a few days ago and has definitely had people talking. Equality and acceptance have definitely always wanted to be achieved by all, but recently we have given it more attention to an extent. We want to see diversity incorporated in our daily lives because everyone wants to feel included. I think Rihanna did just that, with her new beauty line and wide range of shades in her products, she has achieved a milestone. Sure, some may say that it’s just another makeup brand being launched by another celebrity, but this one has gotten people’s attention because of its positive image of including all. Although this beauty line is fairly new, I would like to spread its positivity and success that it’s had so far and even give a review of her products as further research.

Story Focus Sheet

Hey everyone! I’m back again after days of being stuck with hurricane Irma and many days of a delayed interview. My story is set to be about my high school swim coach who is also a teacher as I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts. Hopefully this interview/story doesn’t become too much of an autobiography but an informative interview. I chose my coach because he is full of stories and I knew he’d be a very interesting person to interview. This story may or may not be relevant to HCC students depending on their interests. In my opinion it would be a nice read because it gives a little bit of insight towards someone in a particular field. My main sources will be Ben Felts and perhaps a student or athlete of his. I need to incorporate information from his past in order for it to flow with where he is now and his current position. Questions I’d like to include are: is it easier to guide and teach rookie swimmers than to teach history to high school students? And which service can you say is by far the one you’ve felt most passionate about and why?

Interview Questions

Hey everyone! I’m back again with a follow up on this upcoming interview. Being apart of the military has to be a huge honor. Being a teacher must be a rewarding feeling to know that you are educating our future. And being a sports coach must be really cool watching your athletes grow in skill. All these positions are held by Ben Felts with dedication and responsibility. The questions I have in mind now and would like to ask are (in no particular order) :

  • Is it easier to guide and teach rookie swimmers than to teach history to high school students?
  • Are there any similarities between having responsibilities in the army and being a leader as a swim coach?
  • Since you were in the military, a teacher, and coach, what is it that inspires you to serve the public?
  • Which service can you say is by far the one you’ve felt most passionate about and why?
  • Do you think learning to swim is as equally important to know as well as learning a subject such as history?
  • Do you ever feel discouraged when your students don’t grasp the material or cant perfect their stroke?
  • Did you ever think you would have all these positions?
  • If you could change one thing in each of your professions what would it be?
  • Would you ever consider just focusing on one position entirely?
  • Do you ever wish you would have chosen different career paths?


Hey everyone! For my upcoming interview I would like to meet up with Coach Ben Felts. Coach Felts as I called him, is a high school swim coach at Tampa Catholic High School as well as a teacher there. He not only was our swim coach, but he was also our biggest inspiration and constantly motivated us unlike any other coach to become the best swimmers and never let us down despite our small team. Coach Felts was also a Lieutenant in the Army and would tell us a few stories every now and then. For these reasons I find him really interesting and would like to ask him a few questions such as: are there any similarities between having responsibilities in the army and being a leader as a swim coach? Since you were in the military, a teacher, and coach, what is it that inspires you to serve the public? Which service can you say is by far the one you’ve felt most passionate about and why?

My Introduction

Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie Ramirez and I am currently a Mass Communications major. I say currently because at the beginning of my first semester in college I was very undecided with what I wanted to do. I’ve switched my major twice and lets just say I’m hoping this is my last. So far I’m really interested in this career path and I’m really excited to see where it takes me. Next semester will be my last and I am hoping I will transfer to either the University of Florida or the University of South Florida. I would eventually like to have a career in the fashion industry and would love to travel the world. I’d like to visit new places and learn about new cultures. In my free time I like to paint, hang out with my friends, and currently watching The Office. I absolutely love trying new things from foods to new experiences and becoming educated on new topics. I can’t wait to see what this semester brings me, and I’m looking forward to a great year!